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Living out of a suitcase? Some people hate the idea, but a long stay, or timeshare in a favourite hotel can bring all sorts of advantages - for the right person. Below, an FAQ

How long is long-term?
It can mean either an extended stay of several consecutive months or more, or a shorter stay at a fixed time in the year, over a period of many years.

Why don’t I rent or buy a house instead?
Buying a house in Krabi would certainly be a better investment, if that is what you are looking for. But home ownership in Thailand, while it may reap rewards, comes with its own risks. Houses and apartments also involve a certain amount of time and / or expense in maintenance; few are serviced daily, or have facilities such as a large swimming pool, spa or gym. But the biggest advantage of ‘living’ in a hotel is that you can be close to the beach, usually within a couple of hundred metres. If being close to the sea is why you come to Krabi, then few private houses enjoy such an enviable location.

Do I get any special privileges in the hotel?
As well as getting your ‘own’ room, which can be the one with the best view, or the closest to the pool, most hotels offer a package of discounts on food, spa and gym facilities etc., as well as the sizeable discount on rack room rates. For long-stay guests, some hotels offer a pantry service, which means a coffee machine and microwave in room - although no proper cooking facilities. There’s also the familiarity factor: if you enjoy a place where the staff know you and take care of you, then this may well be part of the attraction.

Are there any risks involved?
The main risks are a change of heart on your part. Long-stay programmes are for a certain type of person, who likes predictability - anyone who hates the idea of coming back to the same place, year in, year out should think twice about signing up.

While the rates and packages offered are very attractive, you also have to be sure the hotel you choose is really your favourite and one that you’d stick with, even if new ones come along.

There are also risks involved if the hotel goes out of business, is sold or there is change of management, but these eventualities should be covered in your contract.

What type of contract do I have to sign?
It depends on the hotel - not all have such schemes set up and you may have to negotiate directly with the manager there, in which case, bring a lawyer! You should anyway have any contract the hotel gives you checked over by an independent lawyer, who understands this set-up and your rights.

How much money do I pay upfront?
As the advantage of this scheme for the hotel is cash flow, expect to pay 100% of the value of your commitment up front. If you have signed for a long period, there may also be a maintenance fee payable during the contract, to cover other costs. This fee is usually dependent on the type of property you will be staying in.

Above: Best Western Ao Nang Bay Resort & Spa, one of the hotels that offers long-term stay discounts.

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