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Krabi Province is a popular holiday destination lying on the south-west coast of Thailand, along the shores of the Andaman Sea. As infrastructure develops here, investment in real estate and holiday homes is on the increase. If you are interested in buying property in Krabi, this site will guide you through the house-buying process.

NEW ON THE SITE : 16/07/08: Two new monthly columns! Property Clinic: Our very own property doctor, Robert C. Reynolds, answers your questions. This month: buying land with a company. Also new this month, Property Case Study: we interview real people who have moved to Krabi about their experience.

Key points to consider before investing in real estate in Krabi

  • What's on offer It is crucial to understand that property development in Krabi is still a fledgling business compared with the wealthier western province of Phuket. Condominiums, which are straightforward for a foreigner to buy, do not yet exist here; and housing projects are, for the most part, small-scale and often unimaginative. If your home is important in itself - rather than just somewhere allowing you to live in this sunny climate - you may want to consider getting a property custom-designed for you on a piece of land. Further info: Krabi Property Listings / Choosing where to live in Krabi.

  • Know your rights Before entering into the business of buying a home in Thailand, it is essential that you know what you are (or, more usually, what you are not) entitled to own as a foreigner here. Independent legal advice, from a qualified lawyer, and preferably in your own language, will be key to a successful purchase. Our introduction to your rights when buying property as a foreigner in Thailand covers some of these issues.

  • Learn from those who went before Despite educating yourself, it is still possible to fall prey to shysters, or just inexperienced developers who do not have a proper legal set-up etc. (we know, we have heard hundreds of stories over the past few years!). Please take the time to read our guide to common scams and pitfalls when buying a villa in Krabi - it may save you some heartache down the line.

  • Patience, patience If you are in a hurry to buy a house, you should probably look elsewhere. Krabi is not the kind of place where things get done quickly and patience - buckets of it - will be required in the buying or building of your holiday home. Compromise is another word you will need to be comfortable with: although most western standard materials are available in Phuket, many builders here do not know how to use them properly, but things are changing - slowly.

    If you're happy with these considerations, then welcome to Krabi! You're ready to read on with our guide to expat living in Krabi (taken from the Your Krabi website).

  • Above: Railay Beach (west) - although most property in Krabi is not on the beach, places like this are never far away

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    Common pitfalls when buying real estate in Krabi
    Beware of bogus agents!

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    Homes and land for sale and rent in Krabi

    Krabi property news - new developments, infrastructure etc.

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